*** PLEASE READ – Due to the Coronavirus outbreak we are currently collection only here on the farm at Lochton of Leys, Banchory, AB315QB – we will be open an extra day to allow for you to collect, so collection hours will be 9-5 Wed, Sat & Sun!

***NEW – We are offering an extra day on Friday for Key Workers only! Place your order now and we will have this ready for collection for you ***

In accordance with the government guidelines please respect our social distancing policy while visiting the farm. We are currently operating and 1 in 1 out policy to ensure your safety. We also have sanitising stations available for use on entry and exit.

NOTICE: Please double check your order prior to leaving the farm to make sure you have the correct order and everything is correct. Take care not to remove anyone elses order when you collet your own and please do not take the poly cool boxes away with you – your order will be bagged ready for your convenience. We do our best to replenish stock throughout the day however if stocks are looking low or there are items you would like which are not on display please call me on 07585007594 and I will do my best to top up what we have left available for you.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I Pay?: Please note we can only accept cash and cheques payable to Aberdeenshire Highland Cattle at this time.

How much will my order cost?: If you make a pre-order, exact pricing will be provided once your order is prepared, as with many cuts we will only know the total once the order has been weighed.

When will be order be ready?: We prepare our orders fresh each week, your order will normally be ready for collection by the weekend of the same week you order subject to availability.

Do you deliver?: Due to the current restrictions with regards to Coronavirus we are only offering collection on the farm at this time, as we are a small business and as much as we would like to delivery to everyone we unfortunately cannot facilitate this at present . If you live outside of the local area we have a courier service, please get in touch to discuss.

Where can I find you?: There is a map below for our exact location, if you put Lochton Of Leys, Banchory, AB315QB into your Sat Nav, Google Maps or Mobile Device you should arrive at the door. We are heavily signposted at either side of the main road, just follow the coos!


Please note orders are bespoke to requirements and subject to availability, please allow a few days notice to pull together your order.
Please include quantities and weights of each item - some of our cuts will be rounded up/down to the nearest KG, total price will be agreed in confirmation email
To ensure orders are as fresh as possible, we suggest delivery on a Friday or collection at local markets/our onsite butchery over the weekend however if you have any bespoke requirements with at least 1 weeks notice please list this above.


PACK 1 – 1 x Mince (500g), 1 x Diced Steak (500g),
1 x Beef Olives (4 Pack), 2 x Sausage Packs
RRP £25

PACK 2 – 2 x Mince (500g), 2 x Diced Steak (500g),
1 x Beef Olives (4 Pack), 2 x Sausage Packs
RRP £35

PACK 3 – 3 x Mince (500g), 2 x Diced Steak (500g),
2 xBeef Olives (4 Pack), 2 x Sausage Packs, 8 Burgers (4.oz)
RRP £60

PACK 4 – 3 x Mince (500g), 2 x Diced Steak (500g), 2 xBeef Olives (4 Pack), 2 x Popeseye Steaks, 1 x Sizzle Steaks (8 Slices) RRP £60

£ 50
Meat and Skewers provided, add your own chosen veg. Home Assembly Required

Piri Piri Chicken £3.60 /pack of 3
Tandoori Chicken £3.60 /pack of 3
BBQ Highland Beef £3.60 /pack of 3
Chinese Pork £3.60 /pack of 3
Piri Piri Highland Beef £3.60 /pack of 3
Wild Venison Striploin Fillets (440-560g) £22.00 /KG
Wild Venison Diced (370-400g) £5.50 /KG
Wild Venison Bone In Haunch 1.750-1.850kg £18.00 /KG
Wild Venison Bone In Haunch 2.300kg £24.00 /KG
Wild Venison and Cranberry Burgers (4 Pack) £6.00 /Pack
Highland Sirloin Steak * Subject to Availability * £28.00 /KG
Highland Rump Steak * Subject to Availability * £18.00 /KG
Highland Tenderloin Fillet Steak * Subject to Availability * £35.00 /KG
Highland Ribeye Steak * Subject to Availability * £28.00 /KG
Highland Popeseye Steak / Frying Steak £10.00 /KG
Sandwich Steak (475g-500g)
Plain or BBQ
£5.60 /Pack
Highland Sizzle Steaks £12.00 /KG
Highland Sirloin Roast * Subject to Availability * £28.00 /KG
Highland Rolled Rib Roast * Subject to Availability * £28.00 /KG
Highland Silverside / Topside Roast £14.00 /KG
Highland Brisket £11.00 /KG
Highland Plate £15.00 /KG
Highland Diced Shoulder Steak £12.50 /KG
Highland Short Rib £6.00 /KG
Highland Thick Rib £12.00 /KG
Highland Beef Olives (2 or 4 Pack Available) £4.00 / £8.00 Per Pack
Highland Oxtail £10.00 Per Pack
Highland Flank £6.00 /KG
Highland Beef Cheek £12.00 /KG
Highland Spaul £14.00 /KG
Highland Skirt £5.00 /KG
Highland Silverside Medallions £14.00 /KG
Highland Back Vein £6.00 /KG
Highland Shin £8.00 /KG
Highland Braising Steak £12.00 /KG
Highland Steak Mince £10.00 /KG
Highland Beef Sausages – See Facebook for flavour of the week £8.00 /KG
Original Pork Sausages £8 /KG
Highland Beef Burgers – See Facebook for flavour of the week £3.00 Per Pack of 2
Highland Beef Bullseye Square Sausage (2 or 4 Pack Available) £1.50 / £3.00 Per Pack
Highland Beef Square Sausage (2 or 4 Pack Available) £1.00 / £2.00 Per Pack
Sliced Black Pudding / Haggis £1.50 Per Pack
Sliced Polony £2.00 Per Pack
Chicken Breasts (2Pack) £3.50 Per Pack
Chicken Breast Goujons/Mini Fillets £3.00 Per Pack
Diced Chicken £3.00 Per Pack
Chicken Thighs (Boneless and Skinless) £6.25 Per KG
Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Black Pudding Wrapped in Bacon £3.00 Per Breast
Chicken Breasts stuffed with Chorizo Wrapped in Bacon £3.00 Per Breast
Boneless Pork Loin Chops £7.40 /KG
Diced Pork £7.40 /KG
Gigot Steaks £7.40 /KG
Smoked Bacon, Thick Cut (6 Pack) £2.25 Per Pack
Highland Liver £8.00 /KG
Highland Kidney £8.00 /KG
Highland Ox Tongue £6.00 Per Pack
Highland Heart £5.00 /KG
Katys Free Range Hen Eggs (Torphins) £1.80 Per Pack of 6
Katys Free Range Duck Eggs (Torphins) £2.00 Per Pack of 6
Free Range Quail Eggs £3.00 Per Pack of 12
Rora Dairy Yoghurt (Natural) £1.85 Per Pot (450ml)
Rora Dair Yoghurt (Flavour of the Week) £2.85 Per Pot (450ml)
Castleton Farm Strawberries TBC Per Pack
Castleton Farm Raspberries TBC Per Pack
Sacred Grounds – Columbian Ground Coffee £8.00 Per Pack (250g)
Royal Deeside Blossom Honey £9.50 Per Jar (12oz)