Chinese Style Crispy Shredded Aberdeenshire Highland Beef

You would be surprised how easy it is to make your own FAKE-AWAY dishes at home like this Chinese inspired Crispy Shredded Aberdeenshire Highland Beef in just a few simple steps! 


Simply cut your chosen Highland Beef cut into thin strips, we have used popesye here but you could use your own preference, rump/sirloin/chicken breast.

Coat generously in a mix of cornflour, a dash of salt and your favourite spices (we added some 5 spice and chillies for a Salt n Pepper taste) then add to a medium hot pan for shallow fry or your deep fryer if you have one! 

Transfer to a kitchen rolled plate to dab off any excess oil and allow the crunch to develop. 

Add to your favourite bed of noodles, rice or stir fried mixed veg like us!


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