Aberdeenshire Highland Beef Ragu

1. Roughly chop onions red/white, aubergine, courgettes, red peppers and a couple of vine tomatoes- throw them in a roasting tin and rub in olive oil, season well, add some home grown herbs if you have them. You could use oregano, parsley and rosemary. Roast them for about 50mins.

2. In a casserole pot, pop in diced shoulder steak, I used some skirt as well (nice because it breaks up in cooking). Brown it off with a chopped onion, add a slosh of booze, I love port, wine or even martini Bianco for fuller flavour. Pop in a tin of chopped toms, garlic, more rosemary and stir in the roast veg. You might need to add a little water later. Simmer on low for a good hour, stir occasionally. Add water if needed. Roasting the veg intensifies the flavours and Aberdeenshire Highland Beef is always tender and flavourful.

Serve with pasta, rice or a jacket potato for a yummy dinner. Freezes well too.

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